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We Give Thanks to Thee, O Christ Our God

Everlasting King, Thy will for our salvation is full of power. Thy right arm controls the whole course of human life. We give Thee thanks for all Thy mercies, seen and unseen. For eternal life, for the heavenly Joys of the Kingdom which is to be. Grant mercy to us who sing Thy praise, both …

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Nativity Fast Begins on November 15

Nativity Icon

November 15 is the beginning of the Nativity Fast, one of the four Canonical Fasting Seasons in the Church year. Many Orthodox Christian families will begin this journey to the Feast of the Nativity which is celebrated as ‘Christmas’ in the US and Canada, on December 25. This is a joyous Fast in anticipation of …

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Church Discipline & Christian Ethics

Living An Orthodox Life As St Paul told us the purpose of the Christian life is attaining the fullness of Christ, through living in a sacramental community with our brothers and sisters, as directed by the leaders that the Holy Spirit has given us (Ephesians 4). We do not seek any righteousness outside the Body …

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Living with the Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures play a pivotal role in an Orthodox Christian life. Not only does the public reading of portions of the Bible occur in every church service celebrated at St Nicholas but we are all called to individually read a portion of the Gospels and of the Apostles (Epistles and Acts) daily. Some members …

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