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Church Library

With God’s help, we are working to build a parish Library for the edification of our community.

The St Nicholas Church Library is one significant part of the Discipleship Ministry of the Orthodox Church, with the great objective of deification—by God’s grace and with our cooperation—of every person.

The library’s longevity will be achieved with the support and blessings of our parish priest and parish council by 1) keeping it Organized, 2) Simple, and 3) Spiritual. To that end, ALL materials in this Lending Library are explicitly approved by the parish priest.

The list below is outdated and we are working to update this now. Once it is updated it will be for online reference only.

To check out items you must speak with Gretchen Baclig who is the Library Manager at St. Nicholas Church. The best time to browse is immediately following any of our scheduled church services.  The physical library has been moved into the church office which is kept locked. Gretchen will help you with browsing and checking out books from the library.  Checking out a book is limited to a 1 month period. Borrowers will be reminded of the return date. When items are 1 month overdue, borrower will be invoiced for acquisition cost.