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Bookstore & Library

St Nicholas Bookstore tries to offer valuable books for Children, Inquires, Converts, and “Cradle” Orthodox Christians alike. We also carry home devotional supplies and a diverse array of other useful items at or near cost. We also carry a wide variety of small booklets on common topics and questions from our visitors.

Come browse through everything after services or just the Books Online. New items arrive frequently. If we don’t have what you are looking for ask if we can get it for you in our next order.

St. Nicholas Church Library seeks to provide the means for parishioners to grow in their Christian faith by making Orthodox reading and listening materials available for checkout in the format of books, CD’s, and DVD’s to promote learning.

Our library is currently a very small collection spiritual books. Our Library Online is outdated but we are currently working on updating this.

Library categories include such topics as saints, monastics, prayer, parenting and family life, journeys into Orthodoxy, Medicine and Psychology, social issues, feast days, sacraments, Orthodox Theology, and creeds and worship. We also plan to build a reference-only section of rare or out-of-print books. Books from this section will not be permitted to leave St. Nicholas Church.

Items can be checked out for one (1) month; with renewals as needed.

Please consider donating Orthodox books, CDs, and Videos to the Library so that others can share in the wealth and depth of Orthodox Church. All book donations will be reviewed and approved by our parish priest and by our library manager.

Further Up & Further In

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Church Library

With God’s help, we are working to build a parish Library for the edification of our community. The St Nicholas Church Library is one significant part of the Discipleship Ministry of the Orthodox Church, with the great objective of deification—by God’s grace and with our cooperation—of every person. The library’s longevity will be achieved with …

St. Nicholas Church Bookstore Online

The St Nicholas Bookstore is a significant part of the Discipleship Ministry of St Nicholas Orthodox Church. The primary purpose is to provide Orthodox books and devotional items for purchase by our members and guests. This online store is provided for convenient browsing and purchase of items for pickup. Local delivery is available on a per case …