All services and activities are cancelled for this week. St. Nicholas Church will re-open on 9/4/21 

  • Join us for a retirement/anniversary banquet for Fr. John and Kh. Marilyn from 6:00 -10:00pm on Sunday September 5, 2021. Everyone is invited!

    Join us for banquet honoring Fr. John and Kh. Marilyn on September 25, 2021
  • We are all very excited to welcome Fr. Paul Fuller, Kh. Ramia, and their 3-year-old Daughter Rebekah to our parish. then! May God grant Fr. Paul and his family many years in the service of our Parish as our new pastor!

    Meet Fr. Paul, Kh. Ramia and Rebekah
  • You won’t want to miss this opportunity for fellowship, edification, and education. No Zoom meetings, no recorded sessions, just a good old fashioned face-to-face Orthodox In-Person Spiritual Retreat!

    2021 DOMSE In Person Fall Retreat