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Men’s Group

We have started a formal Men’s Group called Antiochian Men (AMEN) as part of a diocesan-wide effort to engage and organize the men in our community. While most of the members of our men’s group are members of St. Nicholas Church, it is not a requirement, and we welcome any men who are interested in joining us!

We are on the GroupMe App!
Just follow the simple instructions below to join!

We hope to see you soon and look forward to getting to know you better. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly by calling (479) 372-7097.

Michael Baclig – AMEN President
St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church
Springdale, AR

Instructions For Joining AMEN Group in the GroupMe App

Why join on the GroupMe app?

  • Stay connected with the group, no matter where you are!
  • Keep up to date on scheduled AMEN events and announcements
  • Participate in group discussions while on the go at any time
  • Read posts from group members and share information with the group
  • Notifications can be muted if you are busy (i.e. at work) and then you can check in when you have time!
  • Some people don’t have Facebook accounts, some don’t even have smart phones, GroupMe is accessible to all!

Don’t have a smartphone? That’s okay! You can join and access using a computer via the link below:

Why was AMEN formed?

  • There is a need to organize the 50% or so of our Diocese, made up of men.
  • Some parishes have already organized an AMEN group, others are still in the process, and others have not started one yet.
  • Many of our men do not have father figures, and many fail because they do not have someone to talk to or a mentor to show them the way.
    • This is our job, the job of spiritual fathers, and the job of older men to younger men
    • An average of 6 out of 10 teens who go to college do not come back to the Church, and we need to reduce this!
  • We must fill the void that is currently missing in the Church
    • Female teens go from SOYO to YAM to Antiochian Woman
    • Male teens have been going from SOYO to YAM to…nothing!

Vision for AMEN

  • The #1 goal of AMEN is to help each other become like God
    • Becoming like God is the goal of every Orthodox Christian
    • We need to model our lives after the Holy Trinity
  • Another goal of AMEN is to serve the church
    • When we serve the church, we serve in becoming like God
  • AMEN must have spiritual events such as retreats & pilgrimages
  • Fundraising events and social events may also be organized, however, these are not primary goals of AMEN


  • The structure of AMEN is not a bureaucracy
  • The goal is to create an AMEN chapter in every parish with leadership
    • Every parish/person has different needs
  • AMEN will be organized similar to how the Antiochian Women are organized
    • We don’t want to void out the Antiochian woman and all they have accomplished and continue to accomplish
    • We want to compliment them with the creation of AMEN
  • The growth in Christ is equal to increase in self-knowledge
  • Men find fulfillment in building and creating
  • Many young adults enter our church all the time and young adults always look up to role models, we are to be those role models!
  • AMEN is congruent with the structure of creation, the structure of the will of God, becoming like God.

We meet as brothers in Christ sharing and partaking in each other’s lives as we share and partake of Christ’s Life, together as members of His body. If you are interested in knowing more you may Contact Us Here.