Living with the Holy Scriptures

anasia readingThe Holy Scriptures play a pivotal role in an Orthodox Christian life. Not only does the public reading of portions of the Bible occur in every church service celebrated at St Nicholas but we are all called to individually read a portion of the Gospels and of the Apostles (Epistles and Acts) daily. Some members of our community have also committed to pray a portion of the Psalter on a daily basis.These readings are available on this website. The Orthodox Church accepts the Septuagint (Greek) version of the Old Testament because that is the version quoted in the New Testament and because the Masoretic, or Hebrew version, which is the basis for the King James translation was not compiled until the 9th century after Christ. This is long over 400 years after the Orthodox Church had determined the ‘canon’ of the Old Testament. The following articles will help you to understand ‘how’ Orthodox Christians understand the Scriptures and why they form such an essential element of our life. If you have any questions about the meaning of specific Biblical passages please contact Fr. John.

The following links will assist you in finding Biblical resources.

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