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Music & Choir

Music & Choir

“In Orthodoxy, which is identical with the ancient Apostolic Church, everything is humble because everything comes from the Gospels, which are humility itself. Everything is simple, unaffected and solemn, as are the Gospels. All the music of our Church is contrition-evoking, not theatrical. Our religion says, Chant with understanding, that is, with wisdom and devoutness.”

Photios Kontoglou

St Romanos the MelodistLiturgical music is not just for the choir. We encourage everyone to participate, by singing, reading the Epistles, or chanting. Please contact us with any questions you may have about the music at St Nicholas Orthodox Church.

For more in-depth answers about music, its role in the Liturgical Life of Christ’s Holy Church, or the History of Music go to Antiochian.org/Music.

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Sheet Music:

Orthodox Icon of St John of Damascus

  1. Great Vespers
    1. Glandsome Light
  2. Morning Orthros
    1. Great Doxology
    2. First Troparion:
  3. Divine Liturgy
    1. Lord Have Mercy
    2. First Antiphon
    3. Second Antiphon
      • Troparion of the Second Antiphon (Hymn of Justinian)
    4. Third Antiphon:
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 1
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 2
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 3
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 4
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 5
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 6
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 7
      • Troparion of the Resurrection Tone 8
    5. Entrance Hymn
    6. Troparion after the Entrance (variable)
    7. Troparion to Saint Nicholas
    8. Kontakion (variable)
    9. Trisagion Hymn
    10. Alleluia
    11. Emperor St Justinian the GreatCherubic Hymn
    12. Great Entrance
    13. Anaphora
      • Triumphal Hymn of the Angels
      • We Praise Thee
      • Megalynarion (The Theotokion)
    14. Communion Hymn
    15. Blessed is He or Pg.67
    16. We Have Seen The True Light
    17. Thanksgiving after Holy Communion
    18. Blessed Be Name of Lord
    19. Memorial Service, Byzantine Chant
    20. Dismissal
      1. O Pure Virgin
      2. Many Years
      3. Psalm-135
      4. Baptism Service
      5. Wedding Service, Byzantine Chant