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†St Nicholas Church, 🏡⚡ Emergency Appeal 🏡⚡

Lightning Strike Kills Blue-House
Dead Kitchen Appliances Appeal: Blue-House Lightning Strike Repairs

Dear to Christ,

As you may be aware, St Nicholas Church owns the blue house adjacent to the church building. We have been renting it out as an income source to help offset expenses.

It appears that on or about October 1st the buried electric service line to the house was overloaded by a lightning event. The strike and subsequent damage to the electrical system of the house caused voltage spikes and fluctuations that seriously damaged most of the major and minor appliances in the house as well as many of the tenant’s personal electronics.

In our role as landlord, we have a responsibility to make appropriate repairs in a timely manner. To that end, we have already begun repairing and replacing damaged and condemned appliances. This is a large and unexpected expense that is well outside of the ability of our usual monthly giving or savings to cover. Our insurance policy is expected to cover most costs after our $4,000 deductible. Over the next few weeks we need to collect this in addition to our usual monthly stewardship offerings.

Already done are the yard electrical line, upstairs and downstairs air conditioner / furnace, electrical outlets, several lighting fixtures, and microwave. The refrigerator will be replaced this week. At this time, we believe that we are not responsible for the personal electronics of the tenant.

Most of the trades professionals who have invoiced the repairs will be expecting payment by the end of the month. Kinty Jones Heating Cooling is willing to work out a payment arrangement. The total is looking to be around $18,000. We are hopeful that the insurance will send a check to us for most of this before the invoices come due.

We are asking for your help to raise the funds necessary to pay the deductible and any repairs that the insurance does not cover. Thank you for your monthly stewardship and your consideration of this emergency appeal.

†St Nicholas Parish Council

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