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Ladies of St Nicholas

A Sisterhood Serving Christ through Serving Others

Our Ladies of St Nicholas have a rich and varied church life.  We are actively involved in the Divine Liturgy as well as the beautification and maintenance of our church facilities. We participate in missions, acts of charity, work with our youth and support Archdiocesan activities.

The mission and vision of the Women’s Group is “to develop among the women of St Nicholas Church a spirit of Christian leadership, awareness and commitment as taught in the Holy Orthodox Church by fostering a genuine expression of love and service through fellowship, works of charity and committing to a deeper understanding of our roles as Orthodox Christian women.”  Although we don’t yet have official Patronal Saints, we look to the myrrh-bearing women as our models of service and devotion.

Some of the women’s ministries include:  church feasts, celebrations (baptisms, chrismations, weddings), weekly decoration of the church with flowers, comfort and encouragement, meals for homebound or ill, church prayer notification, and various works of charity.

We hope to organize and sponsor a retreat each year.

  • Ladies Night Out
  • Pilgrimage to a women’s monastery
  • Inviting a guest speaker to spend the weekend with us.

For more information on the women’s group or to be added to the women’s email list, please contact Kate Salem using the form below.

For specific ministries please contact the women who coordinate them. Select a ministry in the form below, fill out the form, and click “Send” to send that person an email.

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We are encouraged by the words of His Grace Bishop JOSEPH who, when addressing the General Assembly once said: “When everyone left our Lord Jesus Christ alone on the cross, the women were there. Can you see how important the women are? You are the myrrh-bearing women.”

Antiochian Women Prayer

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

0 Christ our God, we are all pledged to serve Thee with our whole being. Help us to continue to work for Thee through our Church without seeking praise, without seeking personal gain, without judging others, without a feeling that we have worked hard enough and now must allow ourselves rest. Give us strength to do what is right and help us to go on striving and to remember that activities are not the main thing in life. The most important thing is to have our hearts directed and attuned to Thee. Amen.

Antiochian Women and the Sisterhood of St Nicholas

“Last, but not least, we must realize once and for all that women have a definite ministry in the life of the Church. Very often we have the tendency to confine women’s role in the church just to the kitchen. Both the Old and the New Testaments testify beyond doubt to the important role which …