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Men’s Group

Men, we are busy. Many of us are so spread out over northwest Arkansas that it is hard to foster a sense of community.

We have a few small groups of men that meet for coffee and fellowship to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between us in our ever busy professional and family lives.

We meet as brothers in Christ Jesus sharing and partaking in each other’s lives as we share and partake of Christ’s Life, together as members of His body. If you are interested in knowing more you may Contact Us Here.

We are starting a formal men’s group called Antiochian Men (A-Men) as part of a diocesan-wide effort to engage men in our community. We have appointed a director and created a survey for men to take to get feedback on how to make A-Men better for everyone.

Please take the survey below at your earliest convenience.

We hope that you will choose to join us. See you soon!

A Vision for the Antiochian Men (A-MEN)

  • There is a need to organize the 50% or so of our Diocese, made up of men.
  • Our parish has 30+ men.
  • We need to organize this group as the Antiochian Women are organized.
  • It is a process, it will take time to grow… but just start.
  • We need this so that we can have spiritual events.
  • Part of this is spiritual, and to do social events as well….after all, Fellowship is Orthodox
  • To serve the Church. When we serve the Church, we serve in becoming like God…that is the vision.
  • Need to model our lives after the Holy Trinity.
  • Everything we do must be done with the goal of becoming like God. That is the goal of every Orthodox person.
  • If we can do this, put men together, organize to benefit the Church, and mentor younger men, it will be a big win.
  • The growth in Christ is equal to an increase in self-knowledge, growth in self-knowledge.
  • Men find fulfillment in building/creating.
  • A-MEN is congruent with the structure of Creation, the structure of the will of God, becoming like God.

Ideas for our A-Men group

  • Do a “spiritual” retreat by going on a road trip, maybe to a monastery where we work for a day or two doing manual labor. The drive back is where they share their highlights of the week.
  • Or go out and eat together, get to know your friends.
  • You will not be able to capture every man in your parish to participate in every A-MEN activity. Some events are more suitable for each person – in activity and day of the week – than others.
  • The group could be formed as a “cafeteria approach” – offer a few different things for people to select from – it will reveal who likes what and we can cater to that.
  • Are there materials/content available? (maybe, Lionheart from St. Michael in Van Nuys)
  • There is a social component to this as well, intermixed with the spiritual.

The relationships developed from A-MEN will be valuable! Look at the Antiochian Women. Build those relationships, gain someone that you can turn to talk to, get to know them – this A-MEN group is exciting!

This group will help our men and address the question of, “What does it mean to be a man in today’s society.”  We have a responsibility to help teach the younger generation. Look at where we are today. It is confusing, and in some aspect, this group can help our younger men deal with this.

Why have separate groups? Antiochian Men / Antiochian Women

  • We don’t want to void out the Antiochian Women and all that they have accomplished.
  • We want to compliment them with the creation of A-MEN
  • Men have unique gifts, roles, and abilities that can be focused to serve the Church.

Bureaucracy of A-MEN?

  • Structure is not bureaucracy
  • We have a model to follow – the Antiochian Women Group.
  • As an example: The Antiochian Women get asked to help raise money for something. An organization has to lead efforts like this to get it done. Without leadership, things like this won’t function or get accomplished.

†Bishop NICHOLAS on becoming like God.

  • The #1 goal of A-MEN is to help each other become like God.
  • This group, A-MEN, may end up being involved in fundraising events, social events, etc. However, that is not their primary goal of existence.
  • The focus is on a Spiritual, Biblical, and Liturgical aspect.
  • This is our job, the job of spiritual fathers, the job of older to younger.
  • An average of 6 out of 10 teens who go to college do not come back to the Church.
  • A-MEN is one way to produce this, give them a place and the people to come back to.
  • Each parish will have a different path to make A-MEN happen.