Lining with the Saints

John D with iconLiving With The Heroes Of The Faith

Many saints are known and loved at St Nicholas. Every day of the year has not just one but many saints associated with it. We are as a community particularly devoted to the saints of both the Old and New Testaments and many of us bear Biblical names. Some of us are also named after the saints of Orthodox England, Ireland, and Scotland reflecting our earthly families’ ethnic origins. We have many parishioners who are especially devoted to the saints of North America and the icons of American saints can be seen prominently displayed on the walls of our temple. Other parishioners bear the names of saints best known in Romania, or Bulgaria, or Greece, or Russia and Ukraine, or Egypt and Ethiopia, or Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon.  An excellent article by Fr. John Oliver explains not only why we model our lives on the saints but also why we love them and cherish our relationships with them. It is available here: Everything Is Like an Ocean: On the Essential Role of the Saints.

We can never know about every faithful Christian who now rests in the glory of God but there are some saints that are mentioned every Sunday either during the Service of Preparation or during the intercessions of Orthros. These heroes of the Faith are not just pretty and exotic names but real people who lived and died in Christ. The fact that our Archdiocese remembers these saints so frequently shows us their importance. These are our special saints that unite us not only as Americans in our Archdiocese but also as members of the family of our Patriarchate. They also unite us in time with the Prophets and Kings of Israel, with the first Christian communities, and with every contemporary Orthodox community throughout the world. Every time a Divine Liturgy is served we remember these saints not only by asking for their prayers but also by setting aside a piece of bread for them when Fr. John prepares the Eucharist.

The following links will lead you to stories about these heroes of the Faith.

Mary, the Theotokostheotokos vladimir


Michael and Gabriel, Leaders of the Holy Angelsarchangels


the Forerunner and Baptist John

john baptist


Prophets Moses and Aaron

moses and aaron

Prophet Elijah



Prophet Elisha



Jesse the Ancestor of Christ

Jesse Tree


David the King and Psalmist

David the Prophet King


Prophet Daniel and the Three Holy Children

daniel and 3


 The Twelve Apostles

The 12 Apsotils


 St Peter, Apostle to the Circumcision
St Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

peter paul embrace


 The Seventy Apostles



 St Basil the Great

st basil


St Gregory the Theologian



St John Chrysostom

st john c


 St Athanasius of Alexandria

st athanasius


St Cyril of Alexandria

st cyril a 1


St John the Merciful of Alexandria

St. John the Merciful 2


St Nicholas of Myra, the Wonderworker

St Nicholas the Wonderworker


 St Spyridon of Trimythous, the Wonderworker

st spyridon


St Nektarios of Pentopolis, the Wonderworker

st nectarios


St Raphael of Brooklyn

St Raphael of Brooklyn


St Tikhon, the Confessor

st tikhon


 St Stephen the First Martyr

st stephen


St George the Trophy Bearer

summer 2014 st nicholas 082


St Demetrios the Myrrh Streaming

st demetrios


St Theodore the Soldier

st theodore soldier


St Theodore the General

st theodore general


St Menas the Wonderworkerst menas


St Ignatius the God Bearer

st ignatius


St Charalampos

st char


St Eleutherios

st elev


St Thekla, the Proto-Martyr

st thekla


St Barbara, the Great Martyr

st barbara


St Anastasia, Deliverer from Poisons

st anastasia


St Katharine, the All-Wise

st katherine


St Kyriaki, the Great Martyr

st kyriaki1


St Photeini, Equal to the Apostles

st photeini


St Marina, Conqueror of Demons

st marina


St Paraskeva, the Great Martyr

st paraskeva


St Irene, the Great Martyr

St IRene gn1


St Anthony the Great

st anthony great


St Euthymios the Great

st evthy


St Paisios the Great of Egypt

st paisius egypt


St Savvas the Sanctified, Father of the Monks of Palestine

st savvas vision


St Onuphrios the Great of Egypt

st onuphrius


St. Peter of Mount Athos

st peter of athos


St Athanasios of Mt Athos



SS Cosmos and Damien, the Unmercenaries

ss cosmos damien


SS Cyrus and John, Martyrs and Unmercenaries

ss cy john


Great Martyr St Panteleimon and his teacher, the Martyr and Unmercenary St Hermolaos

ss pan and herm


SS Joachim and Anna, Parents of the Theotokos

ss joachim and anna