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Living a Liturgical Life

Worship is what the Church ‘does’. Liturgy is the work of the Church. Living a liturgical life, a life expressed through worship of the Holy Trinity requires a certain attitude towards our bodies and material things as well as love of God. The following articles will begin to explore what worship is and why we …

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Living with the Holy Scriptures

The Holy Scriptures play a pivotal role in an Orthodox Christian life. Not only does the public reading of portions of the Bible occur in every church service celebrated at St Nicholas but we are all called to individually read a portion of the Gospels and of the Apostles (Epistles and Acts) daily. Some members …

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Living with Icons

Icons are beautiful examples of religious art which can be appreciated in art galleries and museums. In Orthodox Christian churches and homes, however, icons are expressions of our faith in the incarnation of Jesus Christ and our hope in the sanctification of human beings through the person of our Savior. This faith and hope is …

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