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A collection of articles about Orthodoxy and links to helpful resources.

Feast of the Elevation of the Cross + September 14

Let all the trees of the wood, planted from the beginning of time, rejoice; for their nature hath been sanctified by the stretching of Christ on the Tree. Wherefore, now, we worship Him, lifted up, and magnify Him. +Canon of the Feast, Ninth Ode, Tone 8 O Lord, save Your people, and bless You inheritance. …

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Living in the Holy Spirit

Orthodox Christian spirituality is a vast subject. Pilgrimage, suffering, joy, monasticism, asceticism, love, confession, and prayer are all ways of walking in the spirit. People at St Nicholas will be happy to share their own spiritual experiences and Fr. John is always available to offer guidance and advice. The following resources will help you begin …

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Church Discipline & Christian Ethics

Living An Orthodox Life As St Paul told us the purpose of the Christian life is attaining the fullness of Christ, through living in a sacramental community with our brothers and sisters, as directed by the leaders that the Holy Spirit has given us (Ephesians 4). We do not seek any righteousness outside the Body …

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Lining with the Saints

Living With The Heroes Of The Faith Many saints are known and loved at St Nicholas. Every day of the year has not just one but many saints associated with it. We are as a community particularly devoted to the saints of both the Old and New Testaments and many of us bear Biblical names. …

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Living the Sacramental Life

LIVING THROUGH THE THE SACRAMENTS The Sacraments are the way we are incorporated into the Body of Christ. They are what makes us ‘Church’ rather than a loose collection of individuals seeking God. Anyone wishing to receive a sacrament or wanting a special service (funeral, memorial service, etc.) should speak to Fr. John directly. The …

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