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Emergency Appeal

†St Nicholas Church, 🏡⚡ Emergency Appeal 🏡⚡ Lightning Strike Kills Blue-House Appeal: Blue-House Lightning Strike Repairs Dear to Christ, As you may be aware, St Nicholas Church owns the blue house adjacent to the church building. We have been renting it out as an income source to help offset expenses. It appears that on or about October 1st …

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Feast of the Elevation of the Cross + September 14

Let all the trees of the wood, planted from the beginning of time, rejoice; for their nature hath been sanctified by the stretching of Christ on the Tree. Wherefore, now, we worship Him, lifted up, and magnify Him. +Canon of the Feast, Ninth Ode, Tone 8 O Lord, save Your people, and bless You inheritance. …

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A Nurse in Need

Jesse is raising money to help Anna Shushpanova, his friend Roma’s sister. She was hit by a car outside of Moscow, Russia, and seriously injured. Roma and their mother, Larisa, are struggling with the financial burden of keeping Anna in hospital and would be blessed by any help that we can offer them. Jesse, who lived in Moscow …

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